Our Rx Supplier Network

Top Suppliers Competing in Real Time

PrimeRx MARKET requires an extensive vetting process for all pharmaceutical suppliers who want to compete for your business on our platform.

Each Supplier’s Pedigree Process is Confirmed

Our secure portal offers your pharmacy access to more than 40 pedigree-compliant (a.k.a. track and trace compliant) wholesalers.

Featuring ADD Suppliers

Some Pharmacy Providers must source medications from an accredited source. Trxade has Accredited Drug Distributors (ADD) through the National Associations of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).

Bigger Pool of Manufacturers

Same payment terms, Same shipping methods, GPO Style Pricing (Over 13,200 Members), Hard-to-Find Items, Short Dated Specials, and Better Value NDCs. Our suppliers make it easy for you.