You don’t need me to explain all the ways that American culture is highly competitive and individualistic.

Within our culture, the independent pharmacy competes in the increasingly delicate pharmaceuticals ecosystem as the proverbial small fish in a big pond.

The Big Fish

The big fish have a tremendous impact on your bottom line and your ability to run your business as you see fit.

  • Manufacturers – Global, investor-driven concerns that wring the profits out of every pill they sell and are constantly on the lookout for ways to create scarcity, often through merger and acquisition, so they can raise already high prices even higher.
  • Suppliers –As go-betweens, suppliers are in constant “sell” mode. They need to move as much product to maintain relationships with the manufacturers whose products they handle. Their secret weapon is the rebate. In fact, rebates are such a secret, suppliers usually can’t tell you how much of a rebate you can expect to receive.
  • Government – Once tasked only with making sure drugs were safe to prescribe, lawmakers and regulators are now responsible for making healthcare more affordable. To that end, regulators frequently equate bigger with better, even when it means a patient will have to drive 50 miles or more to reach a pharmacy, while lawmakers face hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of lobbying efforts on behalf of pharmaceuticals industry big fish.
  • PBMs – Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs) take the pressure for lowering prices off the manufacturers and suppliers and place it firmly on the backs of the independent pharmacy. Some PBMs are even subsidiaries of large chain drugstores. No conflict of interest there, right?

Are any of these big fish on your side? We all know the answer.

That’s why there is TRxADE.

Keeping Prices Low & Suppliers Honest

TRxADE’s purpose is to help you get the pharmaceuticals you need at the lowest possible prices. Here’s how:

  • Suppliers that pass our rigorous screening process compete with each other for your business. When suppliers compete for your business, you win.
  • By not favoring any one supplier over another, TRxADE keeps the competition fair and honest.
  • By keeping the competition blind, (suppliers cannot see other suppliers’ offers) we keep the pressure on suppliers to offer the best prices possible.

At TRxADE we continuously work with participating Suppliers to ensure the best terms and conditions for our members. Just as important, we strive for consistency across the board with our suppliers to ensure an even playing field for our suppliers who put an Independent Pharmacy’s needs first.

Your Needs Come Before Supplier Demands

Sometimes it becomes necessary to stop presenting a longtime participating suppliers’ offers.

Such was the case, recently, when Healthsource decided to stop participating with TRxADE rather than pay fees consistent with those paid by other suppliers. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by Healthsource’s decision. However, after conducting a full catalog and pricing analysis, our team determined there should be little to no impact to TRxADE members.

Not Just Saving Money, But Time as Well

TRxADE gives you the ability to compare prices from up to 20 supplier on up to 50 products at once. Simultaneously.

That’s the equivalent of doing 1,000 price checks. How long would it take you to do that on the phone with your suppliers? Hours? Days?

Of course, when you do speak with a supplier, they will encourage you to buy directly from them. Do they really think you will save money by not comparing prices and buying on TRxADE?

The idea is ridiculous. TRxADE is here to help you:

  • Compare Prices
  • Buy Low
  • Save Money
  • Increase Margins

Need Help with TRxADE?

Our concierge service is more than happy to help you save as much time and money as possible and doesn’t cost you a penny. For free help with TRxADE, call 1-800-805-8705.