As the New Year approaches, I want to wish all our members the happiest of holiday seasons.

In 2014, independent community pharmacies and forward thinking suppliers came together on our marketplace in ever-increasing numbers. And while I don’t have firm figures to report, my back-of-the-napkin calculation is that our member pharmacies will save a total of $2 million or more this year.

I assure you, this is just the beginning.

In 2015 I will continue to cover the stories that concern you most:

  • Drug prices
  • Reimbursements
  • Pharmacy opportunities and news

I’ll also continue to publish tips on how to get the most out of TRxADE.

And TRxADE will continue to help you save money by:

  • Vetting new suppliers who are dependable and offer great savings
  • Working to make our marketplace more user-friendly and less time-consuming to use.
  • Searching for ways to help smaller pharmacies cope with minimum purchase requirements

What else would you like us to do? Do you have specific changes you’d like us to make to the marketplace? Please share your thoughts and help us draft TRxADE’s New Year’s resolutions.

Before closing, I also want to say that we value you not only for your business, but especially for the work you do on the front lines of our communities.

At times, it may seem like people no longer appreciate or even need their community drug store. But every time you help a confused patient, you know this person would be lost without you. And we all would be that much poorer without you.

On behalf of all of us who work at TRxADE, we hope you enjoy a happy and healthy holiday.