Community Pharmacies Solve the Rubik’s Cube of Drug Supplier Rebates

For independent community pharmacies, determining how and why they have received a rebate from a drug supplier can be as daunting as trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube puzzle for the first time.

Where independent pharmacies stand

To better grasp why the system is so puzzling, it may help to look at some of the market forces at work. This chart shows the percentage of retail revenue earned by different pharmacy channels in 2013.

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Pharmacies Agree: Comparing Drug Prices for 50 Items at Once ROCKS!

TRxADE’s newest money-saving tool for independent pharmacies is our Order cost comparison tool. With Order, comparing drug prices of up to 50 pharmaceutical products at a time is a cinch.

Tested by independent pharmacies like yours

A select group of TRxADE members have been putting the software through its paces and their reactions have been overwhelmingly positive – so much so that we are making it available to you without any further delay.

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Independent Pharmacies Grow with Outreach, New Products, & Costumes?

Ever since the once ubiquitous soda fountain vanished from most neighborhood drug stores, independent pharmacy owners have searched for ways to keep their customers coming back and otherwise drive revenue.

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3 New Opportunities for Independent Pharmacies & Patients

Here are 3 very different opportunities for independent pharmacies to consider as ways to strengthen patient relations and gain new business.

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