Outrage over High Drug Prices Continues, with New Focus on Specialties

Just three months ago I wrote two articles about the attention being paid to the skyrocketing costs of generics. Now, it seems, that outrage has been displaced by concerns over the high cost of specialty drugs that treat Hepatitis C, HIV, and Cancer.

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Big TRxADE Improvements for Your Independent Pharmacy Starting NOW!

This week, I’m taking a break from the latest independent pharmacy news to share some great news about how TRxADE will be able to help you even more moving forward. Some of these items are in the planning stage, while others are already in place.

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New Medicare Bills: Pay Pharmacists for Medication Therapy Management

Two complementary bills introduced the same day

On January 29th, bills were introduced in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to “provide for coverage under the Medicare program of pharmacist services.”

If passed and signed into law, patients in underserved areas would have access to Medication Therapy Management from pharmacists who would receive Medicare reimbursement as providers. Read more

False Info, PBM Practices, & Poor Policy Plague Independent Pharmacies

While many in the public and private sectors proclaim their passion for reshaping our healthcare system to be more efficient, less expensive, and provide better outcomes, it often seems that the “innovations” introduced leave independent pharmacies holding the bag – or, to be more precise, paying the bill – while patients suffer the consequences.

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