Independent Pharmacies Grow with Outreach, New Products, & Costumes?

Ever since the once ubiquitous soda fountain vanished from most neighborhood drug stores, independent pharmacy owners have searched for ways to keep their customers coming back and otherwise drive revenue.

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3 New Opportunities for Independent Pharmacies & Patients

Here are 3 very different opportunities for independent pharmacies to consider as ways to strengthen patient relations and gain new business.

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Health Care Exec Speaks Up for Independent Pharmacies & More News

At the beginning of each month I will scour the web for local independent pharmacy news stories that feature or impact pharmacies like yours. Here is the August recap.

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Increased Membership Activity Drives New TRxADE Enhancements

Welcome to the new public website, the first of many new and coming enhancements for TRxADE members. Before diving into the particulars of those enhancements, I wanted to share with you why we are making them. Simply put, the answer is you.

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