Quality Rx Supplier Network

All Trxade Suppliers are Pedigree Compliant

Trxade requires an extensive vetting process for all pharmaceutical suppliers who want to compete for your business on our platform. Our secure portal offers your pharmacy access to more than 50 pedigree compliant (a.k.a. track and trace compliant) wholesalers, allowing you to compare quality pharmaceutical supplier prices.

  • Trxade suppliers are 100% DSCSA compliant
  • Each Supplier’s Pedigree process is confirmed and documented
  • Trxade is compliant; our suppliers are compliant
  • Our pharmacies always shop with confidence!

Through Trxade, you have direct access to transaction pedigree information via an electronic web portal, invoice/pedigree request combo at the point of delivery, or by directly requesting transaction history up to six years from point of sale from each supplier.

For more information on DSCSA requirements, visit the FDA’s DSCSA Guidance page.

Featuring ADD Suppliers

OptumRx Network Pharmacy Providers must source medications from an accredited source. Trxade has ADD Certified Suppliers and ADD Pending Suppliers in which we have received a letter from OptumRx to assure contracted Network Pharmacy Providers that these suppliers are able to continue to act as a distributor to provide covered products as they actively pursue ADD accreditation through the National Associations of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).

What You Need To Know:

  • 50+ pedigree compliant Rx suppliers
  • Same payment terms
  • Same shipping methods
  • You find better prices

Sellers on Trxade pay a small transaction fee (similar to sellers on eBay or Amazon) in order to list their products in our marketplace. For pharmacies, the benefit is simple: reduced costs, reduced stress, and increased profitability.