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Regain Control of your Pharmacy with Trxade’s Pharmacy Solutions

Trxade is the leading pharmaceuticals e-commerce marketplace that offers pharmacies a complete solution to manage costs, maximize savings, and complete purchase orders across suppliers, all while staying on top of real-time industry pricing trends.

  • True price transparency – PAC™ offers you a view of national pricing averages
  • Pedigree compliant suppliers – 50+ vetted wholesalers paying to compete for your business
  • Bulk price comparison tools – Compare up to 75 NDCs across 50+ suppliers at once
  • Pharmacy-first platform – Designed specifically for pharmacies, with your success in mind
  • Same purchase terms, same shipping, better prices

Enjoy True Price Transparency with PAC™

You are probably familiar with Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) for brand pharmaceuticals. Pharmacy Acquisition Cost (PAC™) works the same way for generics. With PAC, you’ll always know if the price you’re paying for generics is fair compared to national averages.

PAC was developed by Trxade’s expert team and is an exclusive benefit to membership with Trxade. Your search results will always give you a bird’s-eye view of national average costs across both brand and generic pharmaceuticals – so you are never in the dark about pricing.

PAC takes into consideration hundreds of thousands of pieces of data each day. Data sources include (but are not limited to):

  • Surveyed pharmacies
  • Voluntary participating wholesalers
  • Statistical dispensing activity
  • Disposal costs

In most cases, these averages include rebates, discounts, and retail pharmacy product acquisitions based on size and existing supplier contracts.

Supplier Pedigree

Trxade allows you to compare prices across more than 50+ pedigree compliant Rx wholesale suppliers. Each of Trxade’s pharmaceutical wholesale suppliers undergoes a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that each one is 100% track & trace compliant. Our secure Rx price comparison shopping portal is designed with pharmacies in mind, so you can shop and save with peace of mind.

Read more about our Quality Suppliers here.

Rx Price Comparison Tools on Trxade’s Pharmacy-First Platform

The Trxade platform offers true price transparency, industry leading cost comparison tools, and advanced search features that puts you in control of Pack Size, Strength, Manufacturer and more.

Offering the industry’s fastest suite of Rx price comparison tools, the Trxade marketplace allows pharmacies to:

  • Compare suppliers and manufacturers
  • Search by Pack Size, Strength, or NDC match only
  • Filter by price, manufacturer or supplier
  • Search and submit purchases 24/7
  • Obtain a clear view of Pharmaceutical Acquisition Costs (PAC™) only on Prime tools
  • Type, scan, or upload files for fast price comparison of common purchases
  • See trending NDCs
  • Receive great deals on products that expire in 12 months – save up to 98% vs. long-dated products
  • Track orders
  • Search each supplier’s first catalog for additional pharmacy supplies

Thousands of pharmacies nationwide take advantage of the incredible savings made available to them through the Trxade Rx comparison shopping portal. Trxade offers everything you need to save thousands, on one straight-forward platform.

Finally, you can avoid negative reimbursements, make informed purchasing decisions, buy with confidence and run a more successful pharmacy.