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4 Best Times for Pharmacies to Compare Wholesale Pharmaceutical Prices

Time is a strict task master. In the independent pharmacy, there is little time to do anything other than follow routine and react to immediate needs. Lack of time lures many independent pharmacies into taking the course of least resistance and automatically ordering from the same old supplier.

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Health Care Exec Speaks Up for Independent Pharmacies & More News

At the beginning of each month I will scour the web for local independent pharmacy news stories that feature or impact pharmacies like yours. Here is the August recap.

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Increased Membership Activity Drives New TRxADE Enhancements

Welcome to the new public website, the first of many new and coming enhancements for TRxADE members. Before diving into the particulars of those enhancements, I wanted to share with you why we are making them. Simply put, the answer is you.

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