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Community Pharmacists Serve an Important Role

Community Pharmacists Serve an Important Role In honor of American Pharmacists Month, we would like to show our appreciation for community pharmacists and the special value they provide each day. While the challenges independent pharmacies face increase, so does their importance in our American communities. The following discussion includes four ways in which independent pharmacists […]

CVS On-Demand Prescription Delivery?

CVS On-Demand Prescription Delivery? What? Are You Doing Delivery & Marketing Effectively? Did you know Americans waste over 8 million hours per day waiting to get their prescriptions filled? In a world where convenience is key and things are getting faster and easier, getting your prescription filled should be no different and that expectation will […]

Contraceptives Prescribed By Pharmacists

California and Oregon Lead the Charge Contraceptives Prescribed By Pharmacists Two groundbreaking laws have passed in California and Oregon allowing Pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives for birth control without a doctor’s prescription. After a quick screening process which includes a questionnaire about their health and medical history. Insurance companies will cover it as usual. This is […]