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Does Your Independent Pharmacy Suffer from Less Than 2020 Vision?

According to futurist David Houle, we live in the “shift age,” a time of disruptive change characterized by the rapid emergence of new technologies, new efficiencies, and new thinking that will displace legacy systems. Certainly, disruptive change has been a constant for independent community pharmacies since the emergences of large chain pharmacies, supermarket pharmacies, PBMs, […]

Obsolete Ordering Routines Cost Independent Pharmacies up to $553/hour

Emergence of the “opportunity market” for independent pharmacies As in all industries, entrepreneurs have stepped up to provide new opportunities to independent community pharmacies with innovative, customer-focused technology based platforms. TRxADE, and companies that attempt to follow its lead, provide independent pharmacies with “opportunity markets” – ways to save money by purchasing pharmaceuticals from sources […]

5 Keys to Helping Your Patients during Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare open enrollment began on October 15th and continues through December 7th. For those 65 and older, this is an important but confusing time for making choices that will govern their prescription coverage. Some of the confusion they deal with may stem from: Enrollment dates Their current prescription coverage may have changed its formulary, which […]

4 Unique Paths to Addressing & Improving Medication Adherence

Poor medication adherence continues to negatively impact patient outcomes and costs. The exact scale of the problem depends on which study you read, but the impact on human lives and healthcare costs ($270-300 billion/year), is so large that it attracts attention from every corner of the healthcare industry.