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Managing Prescriptions Made Easy With These Trending Apps

August 2, 2017: Technology is everywhere we look, does society really need another app? While some may say no, over three and a half million people are finding the benefit to using apps when it comes to managing prescriptions.  And this is where you, their pharmacist comes in.

Your patients come to you for a variety of reasons but one is because of the individual care and attention you provide. It is no secret that independent pharmacies are up against a rock and a hard place so it is vital for you to stay current, fresh and anticipate the next product your patients are looking for.   If this product helps them keep their medications organized and takes the hassle out of managing multiple prescriptions, you will be doing them a huge favor.

“Studies show that taking 5 or more medications increases the risk of errors”.

Keeping track of prescriptions may not be the hardest task and an app may not be the solution for everyone but there are plenty of people who have adopted the “work smarter, not harder” mentality and will download a new app in a flash!

MyTherapy a tech, medical and health company has launched an app that sends the user reminder when it is time to take their prescription.  “Whether it’s medications, measurements or exercise, MyTherapy’s reminders are reliable so you won’t miss a thing again. MyTherapy gives you peace of mind so you can focus on the other important things in life”.  This app sends reminders, communicates with caregivers, and allows the user to include family members for additional support.  It also tracks the health of the patient and provides a visual of their treatment patterns to be discussed with the caregiver.

A second app making waves has integrated functionality to let the pill bottle cap do the talking.  Medisafe, headquartered in Boston stands firmly behind their mission that “people should have the tools, support, and information they need to take their medications the way they’re supposed to”.  Like MyTherapy MediSafe app allows the user to keep their prescriptions organized and reminds them to take them while having a place to track their progress and connect with their caregivers.  They have partnered with iCap™, “A wireless Bluetooth cap for prescription pill bottles that works in conjunction with the Medisafe app and allows patients and caregivers accurately track when pill bottles are opened to help determine whether medications are taken or missed”.

Whether you think your patients could benefit from this technology or not it surely can’t do any harm knowing that these tools are out there.   The next time one of your regulars expresses their doctor just increased their prescription count and they are now finding it tough to organize and remember to take them, you will be right there with a suggestion to help!


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