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About Trxade

Trxade team helps independent pharmacies compete and win

Trxade’s team is dedicated to helping independent pharmacies succeed

Trxade is a pharmacist-led team of business, technology, and customer support professionals working together to help independent pharmacies save money, improve cash flow, and take back control of their profit margins.

Why Trxade?

Independent pharmacies struggle to cope with diminishing reimbursements, increased administrative requirements, and cost-cutting competition from large chain pharmacies.

The established system of pharmaceutical purchasing exacerbates those challenges by putting blinders on independent pharmacies who would like to know if they’re getting a fair deal from their suppliers.

Trxade was established to remove those blinders and create the first pharmaceuticals marketplace with true cost transparency, where wholesalers compete for your business.

On, pharmacies see the prices offered by Top National Suppliers and compare pricing before buying. As a result, they save.

The only pharmaceuticals marketplace of its kind

In addition to its industry-leading cost comparison tools, Trxade is the only pharmaceuticals e-commerce marketplace that provides independent pharmacies the opportunity to purchase from both suppliers and pharmacies.

Here are some of the benefits of being a Trxade member

  • Top quality pharmaceuticals at significant discounts
  • Safe, convenient and easy-to-use web-based system.
  • 24/7 Access to purchase at your convenience
  • Compare products and prices of some of the nation’s top suppliers
  • Place immediate orders to suppliers of your choice who offer generous repayment terms
  • Buy or sell overstock through our pharmacy to pharmacy trading service
  • Save even more with daily deals and supplier specials
  • Use analytical/price comparison tools to assist you in making educated buying decisions

The Trxade advantage: 1 system does it all

Imagine what you would have to do to emulate purchasing from suppliers via Trxade.

First, you would have to establish relationships with each of the more than a dozen suppliers who offer products on Trxade. Then, you would have to:

  • Get prices from each of them
  • Figure out how to compare those prices
  • Learn to use the online ordering system for each supplier you wanted to buy from

With Trxade, you have only one system to learn. You can search by product name or NDC code. You see the supplier, manufacturer, package size, expiration date, National PAC Price (average industry price calculated by Trxade) and the Trxade price.

Trxade puts all of this at your fingertips at no charge.

Help is a phone call away

Whenever you need help using Trxade, simply call the Membership Assistance Team at 1-800-805-8705.

Should you be a Trxade member?

If you’re considering joining Trxade, schedule a live demo or join Trxade today.

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