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By Purchasing Just 2%-10% Outside Of Your Primary on Trxade, Your Pharmacy Can Save $5,000-$10,000 Per Month

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Save Time

National Pricing Transparency
Access to National Pricing Averages

Compare prices of brand name and generic drugs using the industry’s fastest suite of comparison tools. In a world where consumers check retail prices with a few clicks, independent pharmacies tend to fly blind when it comes to wholesale prices. (read more)

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Save Money

Supplier Pricing Transparency
One Search, View and Compare Top Supplier's Pricing

Trxade's community buying power along with pricing transparency forces suppliers to lower their pricing. For years, suppliers seemed to be exempt from the law of supply and demand. Thanks to Trxade, that exemption has been revoked. (read more)

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Make Money

Pharmacy Pricing Transparency
Access to Suggested Retail Price & Rebate Data

Sell your overstock where permitted by law to Pharmacies and manage your inventory. With Trxade’s Pharmacy to Pharmacy service, you can post your unopened, unused overstocked products for sale to other Trxade member pharmacies. (read more)

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