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Secondary Rx Wholesaler Online Marketplace

Up To 20 Pedigree (Track & Trace) Compliant Wholesalers With Each Rx Price Check

Over 6,000 Pharmacy Members Saving Up To $960,000 Per Store Price Comparing on

Same Drug Manufacturers, Same Shipping Methods,
Same Payment Terms, Just Cheaper!

You Get What You’re Accustomed To or Better

Save Money

Be Informed
Before You Buy

Access To Pricing From Top Suppliers

Compare prices of brand name and generic drugs using the industry’s fastest suite of comparison tools. Compare up to 75 NDCs with up to 20 suppliers that are competing for your business in real time with one easy search.

Save Time

Spend More Time
With Your Patients

Pricing Analytics & Cost Saving Tools

Once you start using Trxade on a regular basis, it will become clear that you don’t need to be called by suppliers anymore. Save time and do what you love most, making a difference and helping your patients get healthy.

Be Profitable

Improve Cash Flow & Reduce Inventory

Effective Inventory Management

Choose how much you save based on your volume. If you need a long-dated item, compare long-dated items only or buy short-dated items. Save up to 90% price comparing suppliers on! Our Members love great deals!

Rx Price Comparison Shopping Engine

We Help Pharmacies Thrive With Today’s Rx Challenges

Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Price Comparison Site

1 Out of 5 Independent Pharmacies Use Trxade

Our Members Believe In Us, and We Believe In Them

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Buy Brands And Generics
At Great Savings

Registration Process

Why Pay More?

Especially With Today’s Negative Reimbursements
Get Free Training, Member Support, And Free Online Tools
Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Competing For Your Business In Real Time

  • Step 1: Online Pharmacy Registration Form

    You have two registration options. Self-registration or call 1-800-805-8705 for a guided registration with a Trxade representative.

  • Step 2: E-Sign Registration

    A standard supplier application will auto populate with pre-filled info to make it easier for you. Simply e-sign and go to step 3!

  • Step 3: Fax or EMail DEA and State License

    Due to the nature of our website and services, only Federal and State-licensed facilities can become members of

What Members Say About Trxade

- Larry K.

Before we order from our primary or secondary supplier, we always check their prices against what’s available on Trxade. When the price on Trxade is lower by at least 10%, we purchase there and stock up on that item. Trxade has saved us a lot of money.

- Larry K.Pharmacist/Owner, Mapleshade, NJ
- Joe A.

I don’t have time to talk to ten different secondary wholesalers throughout the day! Trxade makes it easy to shop prices at my convenience and creates a competitive atmosphere among secondary wholesalers which drive’s prices lower.

- Joe A.Pharmacist/Owner, Wellsville, OH
- Jud S.

“Like any endeavor, you have to make a commitment. The data available from using their analytical tools really allows me to see around corners and prepare myself in a tough marketplace. Our commitment to Trxade has saved us time and money.”

- Jud S.Pharmacist/Owner, Nashville, TN
- Joanne R.

Their system (Trxade) has really assisted me in target marketing and increasing revenue by having a real-time system that communicates to me and knows my margins before I purchase.”

- Joanne R.Lead Technician, Atlanta, GA

Over 20 Suppliers Providing Wholesale Pharmaceuticals on
Price compare over 15,000 Rx prices on one platform!

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