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Featuring VAWD Suppliers: OptumRx Network Pharmacy Providers must source medications from an accredited source. Trxade has VAWD & VAWD Pending Suppliers.
VAWD Pending Suppliers are approved by OptumRx to continue to act as a distributor to provide covered products as they actively pursue VAWD accreditation.


Buy With Confidence

Trusted Suppliers. Secure Shopping

Each pharmaceutical supplier featured on our platform has completed a rigorous vetting process and can provide pedigree (track & trace) documentation on each item sold. We provide easy access to VAWD and VAWD-pending suppliers. And our platform is safe, secure & confidential.


Shop with Ease

Convenient Access. Same Terms.

Easily search up to 75 NDCs and purchase directly from over 20 trusted suppliers. The supplier invoices and ships to you with the same payment and shipping terms you currently receive. Access your recent orders and save your favorite products on our easy-to-use platform!


Start Saving Today

No Contracts. No Fees.

With free & easy registration and no contracts or fees to shop, being a Trxade member is completely risk-free! Trxade earns a small transaction fee from our sellers who showcase their products to our 6,000+ members. This allows us to provide the very best prices. It’s a win-win-win!


1 in 5 Independent Pharmacies Use Trxade

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Registration Process

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Over 20 Suppliers Provide Wholesale Pharmaceuticals on Trxade

  • Step 1: Online Pharmacy Registration Form

    Register online or call 1-800-805-8705 for guided registration, M-F 9am-5pm EST.

  • Step 2: E-Sign Registration

    A standard supplier application will auto-populate with your information. Simply e-sign, then go to Step 3.

  • Step 3: Fax or Email DEA and State License

    Only federal and state licensed facilities can become members of Trxade.

What Members Say About Trxade

- Larry K.

Before we order from our primary or secondary supplier, we always check their prices against what’s available on Trxade. When the price on Trxade is lower by at least 10%, we purchase there and stock up on that item. Trxade has saved us a lot of money.

- Larry K.Pharmacist/Owner, Mapleshade, NJSee More
- Joe A.

I don’t have time to talk to ten different secondary wholesalers throughout the day! Trxade makes it easy to shop prices at my convenience and creates a competitive atmosphere among secondary wholesalers which drive’s prices lower.

- Joe A.Pharmacist/Owner, Wellsville, OHSee More
- Jud S.

“Like any endeavor, you have to make a commitment. The data available from using their analytical tools really allows me to see around corners and prepare myself in a tough marketplace. Our commitment to Trxade has saved us time and money.”

- Jud S.Pharmacist/Owner, Nashville, TNSee More
- Joanne R.

Their system (Trxade) has really assisted me in target marketing and increasing revenue by having a real-time system that communicates to me and knows my margins before I purchase.”

- Joanne R.Lead Technician, Atlanta, GASee More
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